Front Entrances & Gable End Trusses


Change the facade of your home by adding a timber frame front entrance and or gable end truss or tusses.


TIMBERKITS offer a wide variety of aesthetic designs to complement your home. If you don't see one that suits your needs, custom designs are available.


Pricing will vary depending on size and style.



Front Entrances

& Trusses


Looking to change the facade of your home. Our timber frame front entrances and trusses can do just that. 


  • 8x8 Posts

  • 6x10 Top Cords

  • 6x10 Bottom Cord

  • 6x8 King Post 


The Entrance and Gable trusses are shown in Alphabetical order

Styles A, B, anc C

Styles D, E, and F

Styles G, H, and I

Styles J, K, and L

Styles M, N, and O

Styles P and Q




* Prices vary depending of style and size of material.   

   Entrance and gable truss kits can be delivered or picked

   up   at our manufacturing facility.


  Customize one of our standard models with different roof    styles, send in a design or sketch, or start from scratch.            We   will work with you to create a unique, heavy timber         structure that satisfies all of your needs.


 We strive to turn your vision into a   reality.